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A complete stranger let me drive his car. I don't have a license! Who does that?!

Facial Hair Not Required

I walked around the car show feeling very out of my element. Of course I am a HUGE car fan and my family complains endlessly about my obsession of the show Top Gear (the UK version of course—the others are just lame), but I only have a brain full of facts about cars going back…


MGB and Its Impact on Me

I’ve thought a lot about this—anguished over it really. It is so hard for me to separate MGB from MG. The MGB has been the driving force of my business. We all enjoy the T-Series; love the curves of the MGAs; find the sedans from Ys to 1300s fascinating; wonder how the MGC was panned…


John Twist: “MG Is My Destiny”

John Twist insists he is not a car guy—he’s a MG guy. He doesn’t care about any other makes or models, not even other British cars. It’s all about MG, and has been for over 40 years. MG owners around the world have benefited from this exclusive affair. Twist was just 16 years old when…

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