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Kas Kastner – The legend and the legacy

Attend any Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA) event, and you’ll see many Triumphs signed by R.W. “Kas” Kastner, an icon who is revered by British car racers, owners and enthusiasts. At 83, he’s still attending races and offering advice to guys who are having the same problems he did half a century ago on the…

Vintage Racing – Kastner Style

Bill Burroughs and Paul Smock are two of the world’s biggest Triumph fans. Bill owns a TR6 and a TR250, and Paul’s family has a TR4, a Herald and a pair of TR4As. Together Bill and Paul own the TR4A vintage race car pictured here. Bill is one of the principal voices in the Southern California…

One-Off Triumph TR6

The TR6 is not a car that one would I generally think of as a base for a custom-bodied special. TVR, in England, did use TR6 mechanical components in some of their coupe models in the early ’70s and Hathaway, a California-based kit car company, did a handsome pre-war Fraser-Nash-like body to fit to the powerful…

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