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TRIUMPH TR2/3: Launch of a Legacy

When the era of sports cars launched after World War II with the success of the Jaguar XK120 and MG TC, Standard-Triumph wanted in on the market. But the company needed a model that would hold its own in terms of design and performance. The TR2, which debuted in 1953, possessed not only the formula…


Making A British Car A Family Project

When you add a British car to the family, it can inspire teamwork and togetherness In today’s fast-paced society, every member of the family has a different schedule of activities. A family meal can feel like a momentous occasion. Fathers are so busy they may put off a car restoration project until after the kids…


Austin-Healey 3000: Object of Lust and Envy

The Austin-Healey 3000 was designed by a racing legend, Donald M. Healey, and it embodies everything he wanted in an automobile: gutsy power that could win rallies, a sturdy chassis and mechanicals, and bold, curvaceous styling. For half a century this car has been the object of lust and envy. Top-quality cars have brought six…


Richard Liddick, MG Leader

Richard Liddick admits he has a problem when it comes to MGs: “I can’t say no.” That’s why he’s Chairman of the North American MGB Register (NAMGBR) and president of MGs of Baltimore, and owns three MGs that he uses for different purposes. “I love that British car owners wave at one another. It’s a…


Pull-Handle MGBs: The Purest Form of an MGB

To gush enthusiasm and express affection for MGBs, which held the record as the world’s top-selling sports car for decades, we should really go back to the original model that debuted to the public in 1963. That’s when car enthusiasts first fell in love with them. MG designers Syd Enever and Don Hayter must have…


Mini: Offering a Myriad of Options

Car owners have always loved vehicles that seem to smile. That’s one reason why the Mini was one of the most successful automobiles of all time, but there are plenty more reasons too. It’s easy to upgrade performance and customize appearance, it has cachet and it’s a blast to drive. No wonder 5.3 million Minis…


John Twist: “MG Is My Destiny”

John Twist insists he is not a car guy—he’s a MG guy. He doesn’t care about any other makes or models, not even other British cars. It’s all about MG, and has been for over 40 years. MG owners around the world have benefited from this exclusive affair. Twist was just 16 years old when…


Economy Run Revival

Not all Competitions Require the Pedal to the Metal Instead of the same old wax-and-shine car show, some clubs are reviving the economy run events that were popular in the past but unheard of in recent times. They require a different skill set since they’re driving events—think shifting and braking rather than cleaning and polishing….


TR4 and 4A: A British Car in Italian Clothes

If the Triumph TR4 was a piece of clothing, it would be a cotton button-down shirt: classic, straightforward design, never out of style, rugged construction, tough to wear out. The TR4 design is an iconic symbol in British motoring the same way the button-down is an iconic fashion symbol. In fact, the TR4 is basically…

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