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Prince of Darkness – Joseph Lucas

I have long admired Joseph Lucas and when you get done with this article maybe you will too. A hard working family man, Lucas was never an English born Diogenes who wandered the streets of Birmingham trying to plot a scheme to keep you in the dark. The fact of the matter is that old…

Wiring diagram for an MG TC.

Pint Size Project — Lucas Wiring

When remembering the outstanding scientists and inventors of yore, several great names immeadiately come to mind: Edison, Bell, Tesla. But then, there is Lucas…the Prince of Darkness. This man is singularly famous for turning electrical science into a black art. When it comes to Lucas electrics, it’s really all about preventing the smoke from escaping…


Lucas Service Manual — Vehicle Wiring Circuits

This original Lucas Technical Service Manual discusses the various electrical circuits of the “modern British automobile” and defines the wire colors for each circuit to help in electrical diagnosis. This is a wonderful and thorough reference for Lucas wiring. Click the image below to download the full PDF document.   The following is the introduction…

Lucas Test Card 1 - Diagnosing Ignition System

Lucas Diagnostic Aides

Back in the day—that day being sometime in the early 1980s—the Moss warehouse carried a series of informative cards that helped diagnose several systems made by Lucas. It turns out a handful of these cards remained hidden for decades like nuggets of treasure. We’re glad to post them here for all to see. Each of…

Tech Q&A: Fall 2006

By Kelvin Dodd Sorting Out Distributors Q. There seems to be a lot of different options on the market for electronic ignition conversions and distributors, and it gets pretty confusing. Can you break it down to basics? A. The Lucas 25D type distributor was made obsolete by Lucas in 1974; from then on the new 45D type unit was…

Tech Tips: Summer 1998

Here’s a time-saving and cheap idea that is sure to help out any British car owner when working in his/her garage. Simply save an egg carton and use it as a separator/part holder to hold small parts and keep them organized. There is no cheaper container with as many compartments! Also I use a soft-bristled…

Lucas Wiring: A Simplified Approach

Lucas wiring systems as used on virtually all British cars since the 1930s are a source of frustration and bewilderment to a great many sports car enthusiasts. In fact, Lucas wiring is clearly engineered around a standardized color code and cable size formula. This system is used on all British sports cars, and once understood,…

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