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Auction Report – H & H Auctions

Given that the overwhelming majority of British sports car production in the postwar era went to fill export orders, these cars are typically more valued in their land of creation than they are here in the United States. As such, it’s always helpful to check prices across the pond to see how the market is…

1-MG Midget with RSM 1968

Recapturing Youth

Earlier this year I bought myself a 1975 MGB for my 65th birthday.  I have pleasant memories of owning a well-worn 1962 MG Midget and then a rusty 1954 Austin Healy 100 while I was in college.  But why buy a 39 year old British sports car now? I had trouble articulating my reasons.  I…


Two Roads Out of Wendover

There are two roads out of Wendover, Utah, that lead to the Bonneville Salt Flats. One is interstate 80, and there is a sign on the road which says “Exit 4 Bonneville Speedway.” The other road is a strip of bituminous that was part of US 40 and the old Lincoln Highway. Today, it serves…

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 11.03.28 AM

Aston Martin and Abingdon – The Jacobs Midgets

Dick Jacobs already had an MG dealership and was an established racer when he was asked to drive one of the prototype alloy-bodied MGA racers in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1955 by his friends in the BMC Competition Department at Abingdon.The race, however, was ill-fated for almost all concerned and shortly after…

Fall 2006_3

Mighty Midget: One Big Bad Blown Midget

If drivers match their cars, as owners match their dogs, then a glance at my MG midget clearly suggest that I wish to be an irresponsible teenager. Caring not a whit for safety, I am an immortal, screaming down the road with blaring exhaust, and my hair on fire. Please disregard the overweight, middle-aged man…

That Certain Insanity

You have to be just a little crazy to own a British car, and all British car owners will proudly proclaim that fact. It’s a case of constant breakdowns and repairs, strange and obsolete parts, bizarre mechanisms. But they love ’em, and my husband, Craig, is no exception. He is the owner of his second…

Are We Rallying Yet?

Last spring I cried from sheer terror on this pass. I just wanted to get down off Red Mountain before a great chunk of the melting snow that was dropping on the road in near-MG-sized snowballs decided it wanted a ride down with us. I’d wanted to take more pictures, I wanted to put the…


There she was: a 1979 MG Midget at a yard sale on the corner of Solar Road, where my fiancé Ed lived south of Montrose, Colorado. With her bright yellow paint, black top, bumpers and tires, she looked like a giant bumble bee touching down in the middle of used clothes, pots, pans, dishes, and old…

The MG Midget GTs

Midget GTs? That’s right, Midget GTs! The factory in Abingdon actually built Midget GTs. Well, at least three of them, and they had to be built in secret, so the mother company (BMC) would not find out. But this story starts out back in 1955 with a man named Dick Jacobs. Dick Jacobs was a successful…

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