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How to Ruin a Car Show

It’s easy. Just tell a proud owner you’re putting their car in this class, when they want to be in that one. I’ve seen it happen before, and likely been responsible myself. After hosting the British Car Festival in California for five years, and now preparing for our second Motorfest next summer, we’re still trying…


Crib Job – The Atlas-Allied Swallow

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of the Atlas-Allied Swallow. Don’t be concerned if the car looks a little familiar – it should – it’s a doppelgänger for one of the most iconic shapes ever designed. But what you are looking at isn’t the same car that has been in the New York Museum…


Popularity Contest – Your Favorite British Sports Car

Last year we asked you to determine the greatest British sports car of all time and after spirited voting the Jaguar E-Type – not unexpectedly – emerged victorious ahead of the Austin-Healey 3000 and Triumph TR6. This time we changed the call of the question: name your favorite British sports car manufactured since the end…


There & Back…Again

I stood on the wooden floor of the barn and stared at the carcass. It was a tub, a driveline, frame rails, and suspension. The engine was painted, carburetors rebuilt, water pump and cooling lines replaced. If you looked closely you could see the shiny new brake lines that were tucked along the frame to…


Strange Bedfellows – The Michelotti MGs

A Michelotti MG? More than one. Really? Most of us never knew about the connection between the prolific Italian designer and MG from Abingdon. In a strange twist, Giovanni Michelotti – who would become famously associated with Triumph for his landmark work on the Herald, Vitesse, TR4, Spitfire, GT6, Dolomite, 2000 and Stag – found…


Auction Report – H & H Auctions

Given that the overwhelming majority of British sports car production in the postwar era went to fill export orders, these cars are typically more valued in their land of creation than they are here in the United States. As such, it’s always helpful to check prices across the pond to see how the market is…

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Auction Report – A Tale of the MG TD x 3

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity.”  The words were written by Charles Dickens to describe the plight of the French peasantry but very easily could…


TD Diary

By John and Brenda Almonte My wife and I have always wanted to own a classic sports car….actually, “another” classic sports car. When I met Brenda in the Fall of 1980 we used to drive around in a 1976 MGB that I had owned since 1977. We had our first date in that car in September…


Ahhh, a TD in the Fall

A roadster can provide relief from muggy weather. It can transform a tedious errand into a little adventure, but there are considerations: Seats that roast buns, temperature gauges that threaten, carbs that boil, insects and haze—all of these can be the ingredients that are the makings of adventure. I prefer a temperate autumn day, clear…

A complete stranger let me drive his car. I don't have a license! Who does that?!

Facial Hair Not Required

I walked around the car show feeling very out of my element. Of course I am a HUGE car fan and my family complains endlessly about my obsession of the show Top Gear (the UK version of course—the others are just lame), but I only have a brain full of facts about cars going back…

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