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The Saga of the MGB

A True Memoir of a Caramel Colored MGB, told in fairytale style… By Paul Marshall Once upon a time, a little girl grew up in a family where her father drove small British sports cars. Since she was a child, she dreamt of having an MG of her very own. So when she grew up,…


Popularity Contest – Your Favorite British Sports Car

Last year we asked you to determine the greatest British sports car of all time and after spirited voting the Jaguar E-Type – not unexpectedly – emerged victorious ahead of the Austin-Healey 3000 and Triumph TR6. This time we changed the call of the question: name your favorite British sports car manufactured since the end…


This C’s Worth Seeing: A Look at a Rare GT Automatic

One of the many outstanding cars on display at the Moss 2005 Buttonwillow British Extravaganza was the 1969 MGC-GT owned by Bob and Sandie Swain of Manteca, California. We asked Bob—a professional turf specialist who actually gets paid to spend time on golf courses—to give us a few details on this beautiful Abingdon product. In…

MGC: The Orphan of Abingdon

I could never understand why there was such a general dislike of the MGC, which was introduced in October 1967. The “Big” Healey had been a pretty popular and successful sports car, but the MGB’s chassis was far superior, lighter, and handled better than the big brother. I also couldn’t quite figure out why there…

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