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On My Reckless Way

By Scott Fischer “Yes. This.” That was the two-word Facebook posting from my friend, and fellow British-car sufferer, Jeff Zurschmeide in April 2013. It accompanied a Craigslist ad he’d found for a 1951 MG TD, unrestored, in a nearby town at the edge of the Oregon wine country. From the pictures, it looked complete, straight,…


The Colonel’s TD

By Gerry Strachan I am a transplanted “Brit” who arrived in this country as a member of “Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Corp” in 1978, and expected to return to U.K. in 1981 after a three-year “tour of duty” at the British Embassy. Two years later, I decided I wanted to stay in the USA for a…

ada cover

Ada & Mr. TD

Ada, a beagle-basset hound mix (that’s right, a bagel), was adopted by my wife and me nine years ago to come and live an idyllic life at our small farm in central Pennsylvania. And Mr. TD, a 1950 MG TD trailer queen, was brought to the farm four years ago to take idyllic rides through…


Still Crazy After All These Years

My father was a wonderful man, devoted and nurturing to his four children. This was especially true of his two sons, who he taught character, self-reliance, and ability to self instruct. I suspect the last was foremost in his mind in 1964 when he “loaned” me, a college junior dweeb, the magnificant sum of $1,000…

Five years after its rescue, the TD made its debut at the Western Washington ABFM, where it won 2nd place in its class.

My Little Red Therapist

Over the years, there have been times when I thought car projects would drive me crazy. My son Jonathan and I both owned MGBs that we maintained and restored. Armed with the shop manual, every MG repair book written, Moss catalogs, and a good supply of parts, I learned a lot about how to keep…

1987 Monterey Historic Races

It’s Thursday morning and my fuel pump is dead. These two facts are normally of little consequence, but this happens to be the third week in August, and that means the Monterey Historic Automobile Races are coming. Every year a substantial percentage of Southern California walks off the job and heads up to the Monterey…

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