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Pint Size Projects

The following Tech articles are the creations of Mike McPhail. They were originally written for the members of the car clubs Mike is active with: the Gulf Coast Austin-Healey Club and the Hill Country Triumph Club. With thanks to the two clubs and to Mike, the articles are available here (with more to come!). These tech tips…


Pint Size Project — Replacing the Steering Wheel

I spent a couple of hours today installing a Moto-Lita steering wheel on an Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8. This car was equipped with the original adjustable wheel, which was optional on some models. It is nearly the same as what came on many Triumph TR3s. In some ways it is easier to install the new wheel on…

Remember when warning labels were actually useful?

Pint Size Project — Positive Earth?

If your British car was built before 1968, it probably is wired for positive earth. That is not some kind of sixties hippie movement, but rather the practice of connecting the plus terminal of the car’s battery to the chassis as common ground. It was once thought by the English that there was a scientific…

142-000 from stock 9-2008 e

Pint Size Project — Voltage Regulator

Let’s talk about some other electrical topics this time. Well, actually I’ll talk and you can listen! I pretty much beat the generator subject to death last time, so I will move on to the voltage regulator control box. The repair manual would lead you to believe that these units are adjustable, but that is…


Pint Size Project — The Generator

Dragons live forever, but not so little boys, or should that be: distributors live forever but not so generators? Your pre-1968 LBC almost certainly has a Lucas generator, and it has probably been through the ringer…two or three times! This is another fairly simple device that can be nursed along almost indefinitely, so get hold…

The innards which create centrifugal advance.

Pint Size Projects — The Distributor

While we are on the subject of Lucas electrics, let’s take a look at some of the components. A vital, but often neglected item is the distributor. This hard working gadget often performs faultlessly for decades, but may very well be in need of servicing. The distributor is a fairly simple mechanical device that has…

In-line fuse holder. Part # 146-755.

Pint Size Project — Fuses

Last time we talked about the amazingly simple wiring scheme used on British cars. Armed with this valuable knowledge, we can now put it to practical use. “Oh yeah, like what?” you might ask. How about bleeding the smoke from the system? What? Alright then, it’s settled! The device used for allowing excess smoke to…

Wiring diagram for an MG TC.

Pint Size Project — Lucas Wiring

When remembering the outstanding scientists and inventors of yore, several great names immeadiately come to mind: Edison, Bell, Tesla. But then, there is Lucas…the Prince of Darkness. This man is singularly famous for turning electrical science into a black art. When it comes to Lucas electrics, it’s really all about preventing the smoke from escaping…


Pint Size Project — Cooling System

Memorial Day weekend usually signals the start of summer in this part of the country, and warm weather can be expected. If you drive a post sixties little British car, then you shouldn’t have much trouble with overheating as long as: 1) your cooling system is full of 2-to-1 mixture of  water and antifreeze 2)…

377-255 Fuel pump SUsolid a

Pint Size Project — Fuel Pump

Whew! Let’s do something a little bit less ambitious this time. How about a new fuel pump? Of course, you don’t just replace the pump for the hell of it. The obvious scenario is that the damn thing won’t pee a drop, so you swap it for a new one and bada-bing, it’s a done…

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