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Mini Midlife Crisis…in the Alps

By Robert Goldman “You’re doing what? In a Mini? It’ll never make it out of the foothills, much less up the Alps!” they all said. Shortly before my 40th birthday, the AARP sent me a membership card. It wasn’t a real one, but a cleverly disguised “invitation to join.” I never really thought of 40…


The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Mini in America

By Joy Keller Think back to America’s roads in the ’50s. Cities and towns were connected by long, straight stretches of highway. Detroit was cranking out hulking metal beasts that seemed to serve a single purpose: to take the American family to Grandma’s house on Sunday. It was a time for change, but American drivers…

The New Mini

Evolution of an automotive icon Only about 10,000 Minis made it to U.S. soil during its 41-year, 5.3 million production run. Nevertheless, it isn’t hard to find die-hard American enthusiasts who worship the bold little statement. Now comes news that those smashing little Mini Coopers—based in part on the John Cooper inspired Minis of old…


The Mini didn’t make nearly the impression in the United States that it did in Europe, mainly because the idea of tiny cars competing with Detroit iron on the freeways didn’t sound like too safe a proposition. However, on the narrower main roads and tiny lanes of European towns and cities, the Mini quickly won…

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