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The Expedition Module and My Triumph TR6

By Abram Perry I put my job on hiatus, packed a bit of camping gear into the boot, and set off down the back roads. It took several months to explore the southwest, hiking the National Parks and BLM land, a wonderful region filled with red rock, canyons, and abundant public lands. Reaching California, the…


Girl on Fire

By Alicia St. John Photos by Christian Maurer   The best years of my life have been spent driving my MGA. Nothing could compare to navigating the curves of Mulholland Drive, on a starry night, with Sinatra playing on the stereo. The beautiful instrument panel, lit up against the darkness. My right hand cradling the…

29. German RC Book

Don Stanford: MG’s Best Selling Author

Don Stanford MG’s Best Selling Author By Dick Knudson     At last summer’s induction ceremony at the British Sports Car Hall of Fame, the first recognition did not go to a person, instead, Robert Goldman, Chairman of Moss Motors, cited a book, a very important book. He paid tribute to The Red Car by…

We are still standing

Puerto Rico Triumph

Puerto Rico Triumph By Germán Luis Collazo Tirado     The story begins sometime around January of 1971. I was taking my girlfriend back to her house. We were both college kids, young and reckless, and chatting away, when a yellow streak in my peripheral vision caught my attention. That’s when I saw it, the…

XKs Unlimited Staff

Loud Pedal

XKs Unlimited | Powered by Moss By Robert Goldman On a sunny day in 1966, unless it was a foggy day, a young Jason Len took a job working for Al Moss. Jason had the British sports car bug, and Moss Motors seemingly offered a chance to get into the hobby. Fast forward to 1973,…

The Nuffield Challenge Trophy is accepted by officers and members of the MG Car Club, Rocky Mountain Centre (L to R): John Fraioli, Neil White, Al Wulf, Keith Kerr, Jonathan Lane, Alan Magnuson, and Rich Weiskopf.

2017 Nuffield Challenge Trophy

Our thanks goes out to MG Car Club Rocky Mountain Centre for sharing this experience with us. Congratulations for winning this prestigious award!                           -Your Friends at Moss Motors MG Car Club, Rocky Mountain Centre Awarded the Nuffield Challenge Trophy The MG Car Club…

Leif Racing

The Jacobsens Go Racing

Photo of Leif Jacobsen at Laguna Seca race track, August 2017, taken by Dennis Gray of Sports Car Digest Story by Michael A. Jacobsen A few years back the then-President of the Society of Automotive Historians challenged the idea that the sports car movement in the USA was begun by servicemen returned from WWII having…


Moss Profile: Ken Hyndman

Long, long before working in the Technical Support department at Moss Motors, I was a “dopey kid from Kiwitahi” who traveled to England and started knocking on the doors of race shops. I do not think that would work today. A love of motorsport runs strong in my family and in the whole of New…


Inside the Moss Sales Team

I have been a vintage British car fan since the days before they were considered vintage. Fate and career choices of adulthood delayed my craving for a Little British Car until 1997, when I moved to Santa Barbara. There, I chased down a car wonderfully suited to the local narrow roads and my short commute. Acquiring…

Michael Grant, Moss Product Manager

Quality Matters

In the 27 years I’ve been at Moss Motors, I have watched as one supplier after another went out of business, merged, restructured itself or dropped entire product lines. Some examples: Lucas is gone; the name and pieces of what used to be Lucas were sold off to various companies around the world. Lockheed is…

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