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Tech Q&A: Summer 2003

By Kelvin Dodd SU Fuel Pump Retrofit I want to re-install the original SU electric fuel pump in my car, but the original steel lines have been cut. Is there any easy way of doing this? —John Campbell The original SU fuel pump is a very reliable unit, so refitting it is a good idea….

Tech Q&A: Spring 2003

By Kelvin Dodd MG Caliper Rebuilding The Lucas Service Bulletin calls for replacing the bolts when “halving” calipers in order to replace the O-ring. The bolts, however, have never been available. Rebuilding calipers without replacing the inner O-ring doesn’t seem safe. Am I stuck replacing my calipers just because they need O-rings? —Ben Severson The…

Tackling the Triumph Overdrive

The Laycock A-type overdrive is a two-speed hydraulically controlled planetary transmission. Direct drive is always controlled by spring pressure. That is, the spring pressure you see when you put the gearbox and overdrive units together, created by eight springs. The overdrive shift is always controlled by hydraulic pressure. Unlike a regular automatic transmission, which works…

Tech Tips: Summer 1993

Overdrive Faults Ken Gillanders Temple City. CA Fully 90% of overdrive problems that are not electrical faults are traceable to either the gear oil level being too low, or an improper adjustment of the solenoid, so we’ll skip these and concentrates on the others. An overdrive that fails to engage can sometime be traced to…

Tech Tips: Spring 1992

Overdrive Troubleshooting Overdrive doesn’t work? Here’s how to start looking for the fault! Is the oil level and type correct? If no,change or top up with correct oil. If yes, remove the gearbox cover and loosen the actuating lever, start the engine and drive away. At any road speed over 20 mph, in any forward…

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