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4 Fun, Fast Projects

Free weekend coming up? Why not spend it with that special someone: your favorite British car. Make a date to fix some niggling problems, perform an upgrade, or make things shine to the max. Wondering where to start? Here are four projects that always seem to be on the to-do list. 1. Give the Paint…


Pertronix Ignition—a Modern Solution

A Pertronix Ignition Is A Quick, Inexpensive, Efficient Upgrade On the surface, it almost seems too good to be true: a proven ignition upgrade that’s inexpensive, totally concealable and easy to install. And once installed, no regular maintenance is required. Meet the Pertronix Ignitor. A little black box replaces the traditional ignition points with a…

Tech Q&A: Fall 2006

By Kelvin Dodd Sorting Out Distributors Q. There seems to be a lot of different options on the market for electronic ignition conversions and distributors, and it gets pretty confusing. Can you break it down to basics? A. The Lucas 25D type distributor was made obsolete by Lucas in 1974; from then on the new 45D type unit was…


Modern Firepower for Vintage Ignition Systems

Installing the Pertronix Ignitor Electronic Ignition takes just a few minutes but provides lasting results By Leonard Emanuelson It seems like the world of electronics is moving forward at the speed of light. Just attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to be amazed at the advance in electronic gadgets from one year to…

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