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Wiper Motor TR3 - 00006

Wiper Motor Repair

By Mike McPhail When I got my barn-find Healey 100 back in the 20th Century, it had been off the road for a long time. One of the many non-operative components to be dealt with was the wiper motor. Okay, what do you expect to get for $3500? Applying 12 volts to the wiper motor…

The Lug Nuts

The MG owner stared at the lug nut in his hand and silently cursed the gas station mechanic. He looked back up at the parts store. “Tiny’s Auto Parts.” The words were painted on the storefront window of a narrow brick building, sandwiched between a dry cleaner and a shoe repair. A dusty collection of…

TR6 Shaft and Hub Repair

By Ken Gillanders Several months ago, my son’s TR6 developed a very loose front crankshaft hub. When we removed the worn part, it was discovered that the nose of the crankshaft was worn undersize, apparently by the action of the hub working back and forth on it. Replacing the badly worn woodruff key slot in…

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