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Sprite Light Facelift

If you’re already cutting and welding your box Spridget to eradicate rust holes, why not use that skill to make your car your own. One of the most dramatic cosmetic improvements that can be made to the front end is also a remarkably subtle one.  Stand back, watch and grin as other enthusiast scratch their…

Assortment of clutch disks

Restomod Tech: In the Clutch of Things

By Ken Russell, photography by the author After spending more than thirty years in the repair and restoration of all sorts of British cars, the word has always been, “Keep it Original.” Today, this is still true. However, I invite you to consider changes that can be made, to the betterment, in areas unseen. For…


TR6 Rear End Re-Do: Set Up for Better Handling

If you have ever seen an old TR6 rolling down the road you might just view a toed-in, rearward lurching sports car with its weight shifting wildly between gear changes.  As an added benefit, its one of the few roadsters featuring enough oomph to produce rear wheel torque steer, something usually reserved for front hookers….

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