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A British Chorus

By Robert Goldman As Moss Motors enters its 70th year in business, we are buffeted by some basic facts of life. To have driven an MG TC at 16 years of age in 1948, one must be 86 years old today. Those folks, and the ones who came shortly behind, are leaving us. Back around…

XKs Unlimited Staff

Loud Pedal

XKs Unlimited | Powered by Moss By Robert Goldman On a sunny day in 1966, unless it was a foggy day, a young Jason Len took a job working for Al Moss. Jason had the British sports car bug, and Moss Motors seemingly offered a chance to get into the hobby. Fast forward to 1973,…


Beauty is in the eye of the TR Holder

Honestly, I cannot imagine how it happened. In my last editorial, I described the great joy to be had, fobbing off a bunch of crusty old British car parts on a co-worker. Somehow, in spite of changing his name in the article, Kevin figured out I was talking about him. So he sent me a…


Careful What You Wish For, Young Feller

There’s a well-known restaurant in our area, famous for their Oak Pit Barbecue, and for serving up so much food no one who enters thin will go home that way. Outside certain examples of the food service industry, getting too much for your money is a rarity. That is unless you show up asking for…


It’s Like Dog Years…But for Cars.

Sitting behind the wheel of an MG TC, for ten hours, one has the opportunity to contemplate. Contemplate at least, between moments of stark terror, as the car lurches about in a never-ending desire to escape the leash. Why is this taking so long? Only a few hours into a 470 mile drive from Petersburg,…

Leif Jacobsen 1934 MG NA

Leif Storms Laguna

Last weekend, at the Monterey Motorsport Reunion, better known to us crusty old timers as the Monterey Historics, Moss salesman Leif Jacobsen got his first crack at the Corkscrew. Racing his family’s 1934 MG NA racer, Leif showed his potential with a solid driving performance. The car, purchased by Leif’s grandfather, and progressively modified for…


The Official Engine Pulling Tree

“Drive my car while I shoot some video.” So said my friend, Jim Pesta, at the 40th Anniversary Collier Brothers Memorial Trophy race weekend at Watkins Glen. What he had in mind was sneaking in front of the racecar caravan heading to the center of downtown Watkins Glen. Lined up behind us were all the…


Black Ice and Cowboy Boots

There I was, stuck on level ground. I’d been trying, with no luck, for several minutes to rock the car out of its ¼-inch deep groove. Two cowboys wandered past, no doubt spotted the California plate (MG LIVES ironically enough, even though without help the car would be stuck there until late spring), and asked…


The Chariots of Canada

Roger Hamel of Le Club Austin Healey du Québec called. Would I like to participate in the Candian Grand Prix’s F1 Pilot’s Parade and watch the race? He then emailed a picture of his wife, Lise’s, 100-6—the car I’d be driving. The gears in my brain slipped into overdrive. I’m a huge F1 fan, so…

Canadian GP 2013 075

Canadian GP, F1 Pilots Parade

Roger Hamel of the Austin Healey Club du Quebec called and asked a simple question, would I like to join them for the Canadian Grand Prix F1 Pilot’s Parade. As an F1 fan, I’ve been to a few different races, but like a bunch of potted plants being delivered, the driver introductions have typically consisted…

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