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A reset knob below the tach where you can see it. Now that makes sense!

Moving a Spitfire Odometer Reset Knob

My 1978 Spitfire 1500 trip odometer reset knob is oddly located below, and to the right of the steering column. Being below the dash board, it is nearly invisible to the driver. In fact it was several months after I brought the car home that I actually discovered that it had a trip odometer (trip-o-meter)…


Installing a Ring Gear on a Flywheel

Well sports car fans I am learning many lessons while putting together my Triumph Spitfire 4. Lesson number one is there are slightly more complications when you use equipment other than original parts for a specific year car. Interesting and challenging but with pitfalls. Lesson number two: get people that know what they are doing…


Triumph Spitfire: Mark IV & 1500

Despite having a curvy Italian body, strong sales numbers and a class win at LeMans, the popular, gutsy Triumph Spitfire gets little respect in the sports car world. The first cars had a few quirks—most fans will admit that—but most were cured by 1971, making the Spitfire a fun run-around-town car. Modifications can transform the…


Three Great Cars for the First-Time Restorer

We constantly hear from people who want to buy a British car. They yearn for that sports car experience—a curvy road, a humming engine and a nice day to put the top down. Some want to do a frame-up restoration, while others just want a play car to take to shows. Perhaps it’s a father…

Self Portrait

Triumph Spitfire

By Les Bidrawn; photography by Jim Funkhouser Put a college-aged male in a Spitfire 1500, make him wear a sweater, dark sunglasses and place a white Labrador (put a red bandanna round the dog’s neck for added effect) in the passenger seat. Now send him driving through a local campus. I did the very thing…


Historical Enigma

Did this car run Le Mans? Amidst the stables and green rolling hills of Rancho Santa Fe, California, in a garage filled with legendary race cars, brutes from NASCAR’s steep banks, lies a small terror of the race track. A legend at Willow Springs, it’s something of a historical question mark. The 1965 Triumph Spitfire…

Filling the Void

The Triumph Spitfire By Wiley Davis The Triumph Spitfire shares a name with the legendary defender of Great Britain, the Supermarine Spitfire fighter aircraft. The connection, however, is in name only, and there is no real evidence that suggests this was intentional. There are legends that claim otherwise. One such story hints that Triumph was…


Triumph in America

By Alan Paradise Triumph: just saying the name denotes a regal and victorious image. A car line that gained prominence in America by delivering small, nimble, intimate sports cars. A brand that over the past 50 years has gone from popular to abandoned, and, most recently, is quickly being elevated to cult-car status. When first…

Spitfire Saga

This story starts with the purchase of a 1974 Spitfire body two years ago. The owner of the car body tried to install a 20R Toyota engine and five-speed tranny. This didn’t work at all, so I sold the Toyota gear and purchased a 1972 Spitfire parts car for $250. This car had an engine…

The Club Scene – Summer 1993

Lots to get through this issue, but first I’ll update you on the progress of some of your colleagues In adversity – the British sports car owners within the Moss crew! Our esteemed Editor is currently driving her MG TF, due to her TR6 undergoing an extensive facelift in the metal department, but rumor has…

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