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Men in Sheds – The Lenham Motor Company

The name Lenham Motor Company might not mean much on first blush, but the firm has existed in various forms for over 50 years and has epitomized the men in sheds that formed the second tier of the British automotive industry in the 50s, 60s and 70s. In a small corner of Kent in the…

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1960 Austin-Healey Sebring Sprite

Widely considered to be the most successful Sprite ever built, WJB 707 was constructed as a Works Rally Car by the BMC Competitions Department for use in the upcoming Tour de Corse with Pat Moss and Ann Wisdom behind the wheel. Upgrades included disc brakes, wire wheels and an improved suspension but a gearbox failure…


The Italian Job – Innocenti Spider & Coupe

Long before the Austin-Healey Sprite “Mk I” entered into legend for its amicable appearance, many considered its styling to be odd – even stylist Gerry Coker was nonplussed with the fixed headlights – and plans were made to combine the many virtues of the car with more attractive styling. In 1959, Innocenti – famous for…



I like to think of myself as a car guy, but I did not have a special car of my own. I have three kids instead! I am, however, surrounded by some of the most serious car guys on the planet and that’s bound to have repercussions. Through of a crazy chain of events and…

From the Archives…Road Test – Austin-Healey Sprite

Originally printed in the 1959 issue of Road Test Magazine The parallels between General Motors in this country and the British Motors Corporation in England are many. Both are the largest in their respective countries, both build close to half of all cars produced at home. Also, both build sports cars. But whereas GM builds…

abby coming home

Abby’s Tale

It was a dark and dreary night in 1964 as the young student rolled onto the Kearney College campus in his newly purchased used 1959 Austin Healey Sprite. His pride and joy was a sports car that constantly drew admiring glances from the young girls, and life was good. The student used it for all…

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A Sprite, True Love and the Cold War

1963 was a bad year to fall in love with a girl from the German Democratic Republic – especially if you lived in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Berlin Wall had been erected two years earlier to stem the tide of East Germans seeking to cross the border that divided Berlin between the East…

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A Sprite in My Life

By Ronald Hunt  After searching for a car to restore, in 2002 I found a 1967 Austin-Healey Sprite in the Classic Auto Trader in Buckeye, Arizona, listed for $500. I thought it was a cute little car, and bought it for $450 plus a 16 oz. beer. The car had been sitting for 25 years….


Spritely Beginnings

I had my first glimpse of a Sprite during the winter of 1958. John Thornley, MG factory boss and BMC Competition Department instigator, heard that I was writing “Modified Motoring,” a tuning book on the A series Austin A35 and Morris Minor. He invited me to an early showing of the Bugeye so that I…

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