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All About That Bass – Carroll Shelby’s MGTC

For those of you with teenage girls at home, no doubt you’ve heard Meghan Trainor warble, “it’s all about that bass” from an iPod or similar device. Well, for classic cars you can substitute provenance for bass and you’ll understand how the market works. That inimitable history was enough to lift this 1949 MG TC…


My First and Last First

The Grand Prix cars racing around Long Beach brings back a memory of about 55 years ago. My husband Jack and I loved cars. He was one of the first to sign up to purchase the new MGs being brought over from England. Ours was a little two-seater with a red and black plaid top….


MG T-Series: The Sports Car America Loved First

The GIs stationed in Europe after the Second World War first fell in love with them. And when they shipped them home, America captured the fever. Arguably the MG TC began this country’s love affair with the sports car. MG TCs were fun, nimble, compact and bathed its occupants in sunshine. From those first imports,…


British Value Guide: MG TD-F

By Rick Feibusch Sportscars are as American as apple pie. In the early days of motoring, many of the world’s sportiest speedsters and raciest roadsters were built right here in the good ol’ US of A. While cars like the Stutz Bearcat, Mercer Racabout, and the Apperson Jackrabbit could burn up a track with the…

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The 10,000-Mile TD

Or, How I Spent my Summer Vacation By Rick Malsed Ever since I was a teenager, I dreamed about owning a T-Type MG. After 40 years, I finally bought my dream: an Austin-Healey blue/gray-bodied, black-winged TD that I named MaGgie in honor of Maggie, my little black-and-white Shih Tzu companion and navigator (she thinks). But…

Three Thousand Miles in a TD…Pickup?

I was offered a chance to drive the Moss Motors’ TD pickup to GOF this year, and considering the state of my MGA. I accepted. There is nothing like driving a car to find out what they are really like… and after talking to lots of people about their experiences in a T-type, I thought…

Moss Vintage Racers at Laguna Seca

Vintage racing is increasing in popularity around the country and Moss Motors has two active participants: founder, Al Moss, and Sales/Marketing Manager, Lawrie Alexander. Business pressures curtail their travel to other states to race but both are regulars in the ‘granddaddy’ of vintage events, the Historic Car Races held annually at Laguna Seca Raceway in…


Customer Profile – Ruth and Len Renkenberger

Ruth and Len Renkenberger recently resigned their positions with the North American MGA Register. Along with Mac Spears and John Wright, Ruth and Len established the Register in July of 1975. At that time, Len took over editing the newsletter and Ruth was secretary/treasurer. The first issues of the NAMGAR newsletter were printed in Len’s…

Persistance Pays

From Moss Motoring 1983 My acquisition of the 1950 MG-TD I now own is interestingly humorous. Since 1969 when the MG was introduced to me (until then I hadn’t really noticed how beautiful a car it was) I had wanted to purchase one. Searching the classifieds in Feb. of 1982 I saw one for sale….

Moss Manager – Lawrie Alexander

From Moss Motoring 1983 Lawrie Alexander has been a fan of British sports cars ever since he was a youngster growing up in England. As a schoolboy in the fifties, he experienced first-hand the excitement of reading about Jaguar XK 120’s, MGA’s, TR’s and Austin Healey’s beating the worlds’ best cars in races and rallies….

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