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Wiper Motor TR3 - 00006

Wiper Motor Repair

By Mike McPhail When I got my barn-find Healey 100 back in the 20th Century, it had been off the road for a long time. One of the many non-operative components to be dealt with was the wiper motor. Okay, what do you expect to get for $3500? Applying 12 volts to the wiper motor…


Nobody Has More Fun

When I bought my MGB, I knew just a fragment about the mechanical aspects of a car, but each day I would learn something new. One day it was how to set the gap on spark plugs and contact points. The next it was bleeding brakes and slave cylinders. By the time I had owned…


Tech – How To Install Rust Repair Panels

From Moss Motoring 1984 As most of our readers know, Moss Motors sells a wide range of Rust Repair Panels. We are often asked how easy it is for the amateur to install them. Provided you have the right equipment, a reasonable level of mechanical aptitude and a car that is not totally rusted out,…


A Weak Differential Mount: Fixing a Common TR6 Problem

The Triumph TR6 is a fun car with enthusiastic owners, but it does have one weak spot that sooner or later must be addressed: the differential mounts. What’s the problem? They’re prone to cracking. If not attended to quickly, the differential mounting studs eventually rip out of the frame. It’s understandable since they’ve been subjected…

Assortment of clutch disks

Restomod Tech: In the Clutch of Things

By Ken Russell, photography by the author After spending more than thirty years in the repair and restoration of all sorts of British cars, the word has always been, “Keep it Original.” Today, this is still true. However, I invite you to consider changes that can be made, to the betterment, in areas unseen. For…


Triumph TR6 Brake Tech

By Jan Dawson; photography by Moss Motors staff It’s funny sometimes what your friends tease you about. And, it seems, the longer the friendship, the more teasing.  Certainly, that is the case with my friend Robert and me.  Our friendship has endured 22 years now and is bonded by the love of Triumphs, or something like…

Tech Q&A: Fall 2006

By Kelvin Dodd Sorting Out Distributors Q. There seems to be a lot of different options on the market for electronic ignition conversions and distributors, and it gets pretty confusing. Can you break it down to basics? A. The Lucas 25D type distributor was made obsolete by Lucas in 1974; from then on the new 45D type unit was…

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Buffing the Boot

By Kelvin Dodd You may ask yourself, “Why bother with the boot, when the rest of my car has cosmetic and/or mechanical problems?” The reason is simple: if you are going to drive the car, you have to have a safe place to put valuables and perhaps a briefcase or lunchbox, especially if you plan on leaving the car parked on the…

Tech Q&A: Rubber or Polyurethane Bushings?

Q: What are the differences between rubber and polyurethane bushings?   A: All original style rubber bushings allow movement by the rubber twisting in rotation. To ensure that this happens, the rubber must bond to either the suspension component, or be bonded to a steel sleeve which is mechanically attached to the component. There are…


TR6 Tech

Tips & Tricks for Making Your Triumph Drive as Good as it Looks By Rob Mullner; photos by Rob Mullner and Les Bidrawn As a long-time Triumph TR6 owner, I am frequently asked questions concerning what to do with a recently acquired project car and just how much time and money it will take to…

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