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MGB Radiator Replacement

MGB Radiator Replacement The smell of warm anti-freeze and the ’62 MGB’s right-pointing water temperature gauge indicated a serious cooling problem. Lifting the hood confirmed it: green wetness adhering to the soundproofing on the bonnet’s underside. This almost 40-year-old radiator had served well and recently survived a cross-country odyssey. However, the metal top-hose outlet had…

Adding an Electric Fan

By Tom Morr Auxiliary fans are a relatively easy and affordable way to improve cooling performance. They keep the cool air flowing across the radiator’s fins, which can be particularly beneficial in stop-and-go conditions. The Moss catalog lists the recommended fan sizes for various British sportscars; our guinea-pig TR6 here takes a 14-inch kit (231-658)….

Tech Q&A: Spring 2003

By Kelvin Dodd MG Caliper Rebuilding The Lucas Service Bulletin calls for replacing the bolts when “halving” calipers in order to replace the O-ring. The bolts, however, have never been available. Rebuilding calipers without replacing the inner O-ring doesn’t seem safe. Am I stuck replacing my calipers just because they need O-rings? —Ben Severson The…


Installing a Third Brake Light

An aftermarket CHMSL improves safety By Tom Morr Center high-mounted stop lights (CHMSLs) became mandatory for all U.S. street-legal vehicles in the mid-’80s. The Department of Transportation theorized that greater brake light visibility would assist driver reaction times, thereby minimizing rear-end accidents. Many older cars come from the factory with small, dim brake lights—some seemingly…


Tech Tips: Winter 2000

Stoplights Yes, those things at the back of our cars that we rely on to warn other motorists behind us that we are applying our brakes. Without these lights, there would be many more rear-end collisions. Since we have little or no protection at the back of our little cars, and the T-series cars have…


Steering Rack Boot Replacement

By Steve Tom The sparse instructions for replacing the steering rack boot contained in the MGB workshop manual and the more complete instructions provided in the Moss MGB catalog require removing the tie rod end from the steering arm and then counting the turns required to unscrew it from the tie rod. Separating the tie…


Tech Tips: Fall 2000

Speedometer and Tachometer Quick Check When picking through the instrument box at a swapmeet or looking at a British used car parts store, bring along a battery-powered portable drill. Set it to the highest speed setting and install a large Robinson screwdriver (or similar) bit in the chuck. Insert the bit into the cable input…

Tech Tips: Summer 2000

  Driving Light Relay When I installed a driving light on my MC TC, I powered it through a relay. This allowed me to apply full battery voltage to the light without subjecting my driving light switch to the full lamp current. It also allowed me to tie the driving light into my high beam…

Front Suspension

Many years ago, when I was an impoverished college student, I “fixed” a kingpin problem on my MGA by replacing almost all of the front suspension with parts from an MGB. While I generally go to great lengths to try to preserve the originality of my cars (the local battery shop thinks I’m nuts for…

Tech Tips: Winter 1999

A lady took her car into a large garage for a minor tune-up. She was informed that one of the spark plugs had stripped the threads in the head. The garage installed a Heli-coil and four new plugs. The charge? $12 for four plugs and $4 for the insert, plus of course, $170 for labor!…

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