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Period Correct

By Chris Seely I’ve always had an eye for cool old things—mainly tools, toys, pocket knives, etc. This was fostered by my mother who took my sister and I to yard sales nearly every weekend. For several summers growing up, we would get into the back of her Subaru station wagon and navigate her to…


Hey, Andy

By Charles Frick I met Andy Dunning in high school in 1970. We hit it off immediately, and we were both car obsessed. I was driving my folks’ Beetle to school and he was sporting an AMC Sportabout. We desperately needed something cool to drive. One afternoon he said he was going to look at…


A Triumph 5-Speed Conversion Story

A Drive Through the Desert It started out as many driving adventures have – subject to precious little deliberation but with an ambitious goal to use a British sports car as regular transportation to get from one point to another just like occurred on a regular basis ‘back in the day.’ In this case, the…

Triumph TR250-11

Driven – 1968 Triumph TR250

Despite the success of the Triumph TR4 and TR4A in sales and competition, as the end of the 60s approached it was clear that the company had to improve its performance with the introduction of a new engine that could offer not only greater horsepower, but also smoother operation than the relatively rough and noisy…

Roll Over board

DIY Rotisserie

While doing the body off restoration on my TR 250 I needed some way of rolling the body over and not dent my new rocker panels. Not having a lot of room in a two car garage and working alone most of the time, it needed to be easy to handle by one person. My…


The All-Arounder

A few years ago I sold my beloved Austin-Healey 100 in order to continue my quest to own as many interesting old British sports cars as possible. I wanted my next car to be a good all-arounder. I like to tour, autocross, and just tool around or take the wife out to dinner on a…

The Insider’s Perspective: Triumph TR250

By Kelvin Dodd, Global Sourcing Engineer, Moss Motors It’s interesting how transitional models received poor press upon release, but later become more sought after for their rarity. The TR250 is a perfect example. When it was released, everyone knew that there was a completely re-styled car soon to arrive. Those that couldn’t wait were treated to…


British Value Guide: TR250/6

By Rick Feibusch The Triumph TR6 just might be the last mid-sized British roadster bargain. While exceptional examples are in the $15,000 area, very presentable drivers can still be had for about ten grand. This buys a gutsy little roadster with lots of bottom end, a snarly exhaust note, and an interior that can accommodate…


Triumph in America

By Alan Paradise Triumph: just saying the name denotes a regal and victorious image. A car line that gained prominence in America by delivering small, nimble, intimate sports cars. A brand that over the past 50 years has gone from popular to abandoned, and, most recently, is quickly being elevated to cult-car status. When first…

How To Fold and Care for Your Convertible Top

This may sound straightforward enough, but it’s surprising how many people fold their soft tops away incorrectly and then wonder why they fall apart prematurely (the tops, not the people, as far as we know…). Look after your top and it should be able to perform (i.e. look good and keep the rain on side)…

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