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Triumph TR250-11

Driven – 1968 Triumph TR250

Despite the success of the Triumph TR4 and TR4A in sales and competition, as the end of the 60s approached it was clear that the company had to improve its performance with the introduction of a new engine that could offer not only greater horsepower, but also smoother operation than the relatively rough and noisy…


Almost Famous – Triumph TR5 Ginevra

For Triumph enthusiasts, words cannot properly describe the singular importance of Giovanni Michelotti to the success and survival of the company in the Sixties and Seventies. Constantly hindered by limited development funds and hampered by a confused management situation, Michelotti’s designs enabled Triumph to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering an entirely different sense…


The Zig Zag TR5

In 1974, Craig Simon of Stanley, Kansas, acquired a 1968 TR5 for $400 as a college student in Munich, Germany, while his father was stationed in Europe. The original owner had purchased it in Belgium. A college kid with a sports car in a country with no speed limits on the highways is a dangerous…


Triumph in America

By Alan Paradise Triumph: just saying the name denotes a regal and victorious image. A car line that gained prominence in America by delivering small, nimble, intimate sports cars. A brand that over the past 50 years has gone from popular to abandoned, and, most recently, is quickly being elevated to cult-car status. When first…

Tech Tip – TR4-6 Steering Column Wobble

Does your steering column flex when you pull up or down on the wheel? If so, check the flexible rubber steering column couplings first. If these appear to be in good shape, check the lower mounting bracket for cracks. It is located below the dash where the column passes through the firewall. You may have…

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