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Wiring diagram for an MG TC.

Pint Size Project — Lucas Wiring

When remembering the outstanding scientists and inventors of yore, several great names immeadiately come to mind: Edison, Bell, Tesla. But then, there is Lucas…the Prince of Darkness. This man is singularly famous for turning electrical science into a black art. When it comes to Lucas electrics, it’s really all about preventing the smoke from escaping…


Lucas Service Manual — Vehicle Wiring Circuits

This original Lucas Technical Service Manual discusses the various electrical circuits of the “modern British automobile” and defines the wire colors for each circuit to help in electrical diagnosis. This is a wonderful and thorough reference for Lucas wiring. Click the image below to download the full PDF document.   The following is the introduction…

A tidy wiring diagram is a must.

How To Wire Driving/Fog Lights

Driving lights and fog lights came about as car owners navigated the twisting turning by-ways of misty England. Powerful lighting was necessary to illuminate the road ahead for potential hazards to be successfully identified and avoided. In addition, foggy and wet conditions caused by road spray obliterated the edges of poorly crowned roads. There is…

Tech Q&A: Fall 2003

By Kelvin Dodd Supercharger Stress I have a question about the MGB supercharger kit in the Summer 2003 issue: How does the use of a supercharger affect the stress experienced by the engine, piston connecting rods, etc.? —Tim Harrington The supercharger does a much better job of evenly filling the cylinders, so normal driving stress…


Tech Q&A: Summer 2003

By Kelvin Dodd SU Fuel Pump Retrofit I want to re-install the original SU electric fuel pump in my car, but the original steel lines have been cut. Is there any easy way of doing this? —John Campbell The original SU fuel pump is a very reliable unit, so refitting it is a good idea….

How to Diagnose Wiring Troubles

Does your car let you down every time you try to a start it, or those wipers only work when it is not raining? Perhaps the indicators go dim every time you apply the brakes, and the horn only operates when the lights are off. Before you go out to buy new lights, horns, switch…

Lucas Wiring: A Simplified Approach

Lucas wiring systems as used on virtually all British cars since the 1930s are a source of frustration and bewilderment to a great many sports car enthusiasts. In fact, Lucas wiring is clearly engineered around a standardized color code and cable size formula. This system is used on all British sports cars, and once understood,…

Your Five Dollar Insurance Policy

If I told you you could purchase an insurance policy that would protect your British sports car for as long as you owned it, for around five dollars, you would probably ask me if I also had a bridge to sell! While I don’t have a bridge, I can tell you how to protect your baby…

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