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Jaguar XK120: Ali

The rare alloy-bodied cat that sired the American sports car By Tom Morr; photography by Scott Dahlquist One of the world’s most stunning sports cars has roots that burrow back to an English piano repair shop. Four decades before he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, William Lyons toiled in his dad’s piano shop. This experience…

Evolution of the Sporting Jaguar

Sports cars have never been the primary aim of Jaguar. They certainly fill a niche in a the market, but saloon cars have been the bread and butter. Fortunately, William Lyons’ pursuit of the perfect luxury car provided the basis for a series of perfect sport cars. Lyons’ dream of a smooth, 100 mph car…

The Joy of Restoration

From Moss Motoring 1984 Some of us have been bitten by the bug of answering an ad for an older foreign car and, upon seeing it, knowing that we must take it home. The owner always claims that the speedometer’s mileage reading is accurate. He will also swear on the Constitution of the United States…

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