Trivia Test: TRs at the Movies

From Moss Motoring 1985

by Bea Meyer Fogelsvillle, Pa

We all know that the real star of the movie ‘Diner’ was a red TR-3A, but Triumphs have appeared in many other films, both American and foreign. Test your knowledge to see how many of the following questions you can answer correctly. The answers follow.

In what movie does Ann Margret bring her Triumph into Elvis’ garage for a check-up and what model is it? (2 points)

Anthony Perkins drives Ingrid Bergman around Paris in a TR-3A. Whats the film? (1 point)

Albert Finney once starred with Audrey Hepburn and a Triumph. Name the movie. (1 point)

In one of the James Bond movies, Sean Connery gives up his Aston Martin DB5 (temporarily) for a Triumph. Name the movie and the car. (2 points)

A famous Italian film features a Triumph. What is the film and who is its equally famous director? (2 points)

There is a science fiction movie that has nothing memorable in it except the TR-6 a scientist used to pursue his clone. What’s the movie? (1 point)

Ann- Margret again: In what spy film is she driven around in a black TR-4, and who does the driving? (2 points)

What car does Ryan O’Neal use to chauffeur Ali McGraw around Boston in ‘Love Story? (1 point)


Triumph Trivia Answers

1. Elvis gives the once-over to Ann Margret and her TR-3A in ‘Viva Las Vegas’. (1964)

2. Snappy as it is, the car never quite wins Ingrid over in ‘Goodbye Again’, (1961) even though it has PL headlamps.

3. ‘Two for the Road’ (1967).

4. Jolly good choice, James. For part of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, Bond drives a Stag.

5. Federico Fellin’s ‘La Dolce Vita’ (1961).

6. ‘The Clones’ (1974)

7. Dean Martin, as Matt Helm, is behind the wheel in “Murderers’ Row”. (1966)

8. O’Neal drives an MGTC! If you named a Triumph here, deduct five points from your score and eat an old Haynes manual, page by page.


12-10: You’re spending too much time watching old movies. Get out there and work on your car.

9-7: Very good. You probably like to rebuild carburettors in front of the TV set.

6-4: You’re paying too much attention to the plot. Forget the story, just watch for the cars.

3-0: You do know what a Triumph looks like, don’t you?

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