Winter 1994

Welcome to the Winter 1994 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Wheel Technical Tips for Triumph Owners

By Ken Gillanders The old vintage Triumph seems to have its share of front end vibration, shimmy and shaking, some of which is the original design and some of which appears to be lack of knowledge as to its cause. Those of us who have owned a shaker seem to go through the usual process…


TR6 Shaft and Hub Repair

By Ken Gillanders Several months ago, my son’s TR6 developed a very loose front crankshaft hub. When we removed the worn part, it was discovered that the nose of the crankshaft was worn undersize, apparently by the action of the hub working back and forth on it. Replacing the badly worn woodruff key slot in…


The Buddy and Betty Houck Story

By Ken Smith Many people each year attend British car events of one kind or another, some driving thousands of miles to be with and greet friends. Others just pop down the road a few miles to their local meet. However, many other owners claim it’s too far, or they haven’t time or their car…


Tech Tips: Winter 1994

IN THE BAG I really enjoy working on my 1973 MGB—and it’s a good thing I do, because it gives me ample opportunity to exercise my limited mechanical skills. The car is, after all, over 20 years old and it is fun to try and get every little thing back into working order. My latest…


Scuttle Seal Installation

For six-cylinder Austin Healey roadsters At the second annual Moss British Car Festival this year I got asked by two separate Healey people, “How do you install the scuttle seals? I can find no information on how to do this task.” Well, they were right. There is no currently published set of instructions on how…


Moss Supports Magic Collier Cup

There was thunder in the hills around Watkins Glen. Not the kind with flashing lights and pounding rain, but rather flashing cars and ground-pounding horsepower. The Zippo Vintage Grand Prix of Watkins Glen, representing some 46 years of continuous racing in the area, was held September 9-11, 1994, at Watkins Glen International. A great deal…


Lt. Col. John W. Thornley

Lt. Col. John W. Thornley (1909-1994) As we went to press with the fall issue of “Moss Motoring,” we were saddened to learn of the passing of “Mr. MG,” John Thornley, during July. We promised that we would give a fuller appreciation of this remarkable individual, and the contribution John made to the most famous…


From the Cockpit: Winter 1994

By Ken Smith Shorter days, cool nights and we are well into fall by now. However, the memories of a great summer should help keep us warm through the winter, and we hope that this issue of “Moss Motoring” will add a little to that warmth. We feel our contributors, both casual and regular, have…


Fantastic Moss Festival Fun Again in 1995!

Vox populi—you, the people, have spoken! With nearly half of the participants in the 1994 British Car Festival responding to our event questionnaire, we’re happy to report some of the results. We registered over 200 British cars for the ’94 event, up 20% from ’93. There was also a duke’s mixture of motor homes, rental…


Double Clutching: The Other Half of the Story

By Steve Tom In his article, “Heel and Toe, and Double Clutch Techniques” (Moss Motoring Spring 1994), Chris Ball took the mystery out of this ancient British art. However, by describing only the technique for downshifting, he left out half the fun! Double clutching (or double declutching, as the Brits call it) is a technique…


British Car Ownership

By Dr. Rusty Bentley, AKA George E. Giese When do you own your car? No, I don’t mean just in the legal sense or the mere physical act of possession, but as an enthusiast, when do you really feel that your wheels are yours? As a former car salesman, I recognized that for many people…


At Full Chat: Winter 1994

Those were the days, my friends! By Harry Newton I recently came across the invoice from Perry Fina for that wonderful cast aluminum, three branch cut out exhaust system he sold me for my first MG TD, the green RHD car that got me hooked on this addiction that dictated the course of my life….


A Fair Lady, Finally!

By Anthony Ardolino The realization hit me as I was walking out of Pep Boys. In one hand I had a digital circuit tester and in the other I had an Auto Trend drip pan. Yup, I was finally going to own a British sports car. And it was about time, too. I had wanted…


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