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Interior Decorating with Moss Upholstery

For over fifty years the Moss Motors upholstery division has provided enthusiasts with a wide range of quality products to refurbish their British sports cars. These include a wide variety of interior panels, seat kits, carpets, tops, tonneaus and related items to enhance your sports car and make it more comfortable to drive. This is…

Bob and TR4

First and Favorite

My first sports car was a 1963 Triumph TR-4 bought used in 1964 shortly after I graduated from college and got a job. It was the first in a long series of British and German sports cars I have owned, but it was always my favorite. Thirty-seven years later I retired and began restoring British…

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Restoration Anticipation

Raise your hand if you have a story like this. The first (or second, or 37th for that matter) car I ever bought, an Austin Healey 100, is awaiting restoration. It’s been 25 years and counting. When I bought my Healey, friends advised against it. MGAs were more plentiful and parts availability was far superior….


Old Healeys Never Die, They Just Rust Away

When I was 38 years old, I decided it was a good time to try a career change. It seemed as though the sales guys were making the most money and it seemed like I should give it a try. So in March of 1971, I decided to seek employment as a Manufacturers Representative. It…


Ken Smith, the Dali Lama of MG

In this installment of HERO, we profile a man who truly embodies the spirit of this feature. If you have attended a Moss Motors sponsored British car show in the last two decades you have met this man and his ever-supportive wife Barby. In any British car club there is always that one fellow who…

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Installing an MGA Windscreen

Replacing the windscreen glass in an MGA Roadster might seem to be a daunting task. In reality it is a straightforward process requiring a few simple hand tools and a bit of care. The most important part of the task is to stay organized, refitting hardware in the same position and order as it was…

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Ten Safety and Convenience Upgrades for Your British Car

By Gary Anderson So you’ve just bought that British car of your dreams or are in the final stages of restoration and are looking forward to getting it out on the road. It may be show-worthy, but this won’t become a trailer queen. But wait: even if you’d like to keep it as original as…

Assortment of clutch disks

Restomod Tech: In the Clutch of Things

By Ken Russell, photography by the author After spending more than thirty years in the repair and restoration of all sorts of British cars, the word has always been, “Keep it Original.” Today, this is still true. However, I invite you to consider changes that can be made, to the betterment, in areas unseen. For…


MGs Rule at Mid Ohio

MGs Rule at Mid Ohio, October 12-14, 2007 By Greg Prehodka, MG Vintage Racers; photography by Daniel Mainzer and  John Ruth It was almost a perfect weekend! The MG Vintage Racers had their annual “Focus Event” with VSCDA at Mid-Ohio in October, where all MGs were encouraged to come out and race. They came from Massachusetts to California…


The Insider’s Perspective: Triumph TR250

By Kelvin Dodd, Global Sourcing Engineer, Moss Motors It’s interesting how transitional models received poor press upon release, but later become more sought after for their rarity. The TR250 is a perfect example. When it was released, everyone knew that there was a completely re-styled car soon to arrive. Those that couldn’t wait were treated to…

MG Q versus Bugattis

Goodwood Revival 2007

Goodwood Revival 2007, August 31 – September 2, 2007 By Andy Tyacke, photography by author Recipe for Three-Day Delight:    Assemble the largest collection of pre-1967 cars to be found anywhere in the world, add a gathering of military and civil aircraft of the period, stir in the fashions of the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s, provide…

cars and coffee logo

Cars & Coffee Show

Cars ‘n Coffee Show, every Saturday morning, 7 to 9 a.m., Irvine, California By Rob Mullner, photography by the Author We can thank the Internet for many things; chief among them is the ease with which it puts information at our fingertips. Activities like finding cars, parts and like-minded people for our favorite hobby for…


60 Years of Moss Motors

Celebrating the Diamond Anniversary 1948 to 2008 Story and photography by Moss Staff Editors Note: As a Moss customer for over 20 years I consider the Moss 60th Anniversary to be especially noteworthy. There are just a handful of companies catering to enthusiasts that can match the breadth and range of products that Moss offers…


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