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Of course you love driving your British classic, but are all systems go? Before heading out for that next excursion, a quick rundown can ensure your mount is up for the journey.

Restoration Break-In

You’ve poured your life, soul and wallet into restoring your classic car for the past few years, and things have gone pretty well. You’ve done most of the work yourself, hiring only a few professionals along the way when you haven’t had the time, skills or equipment. The day finally comes when you go for…


Trust the Results

Sir Stanly Hooker, a brilliant engineer at Rolls Royce from WWII through development of the Olympus engines used on the Concorde, wrote an autobiography titled Not Much of an Engineer. He was lying. Stanley Hooker was a brilliant engineer. Well I’m not much of a mechanic, and that’s the truth. As proof of the premise,…


TR4 and 4A: A British Car in Italian Clothes

If the Triumph TR4 was a piece of clothing, it would be a cotton button-down shirt: classic, straightforward design, never out of style, rugged construction, tough to wear out. The TR4 design is an iconic symbol in British motoring the same way the button-down is an iconic fashion symbol. In fact, the TR4 is basically…


A MGTD Love Affair

This 1952 MGTD’s first affair allegedly began with a disc jockey from South Bend, Indiana. Next in line was a young woman owner in 1966; she left the car with her parents who took it with them when they moved to Lake James, Indiana. Dale and Judy Zinn fell in love with the car when…


The Ethanol Issue

Gasoline containing ethanol has become the new standard for fuel, and it presents a new set of challenges and work for classic car owners. You’ve got to be vigilant now to ensure a good running engine and prevent damage to your cherished car. What’s the problem, you ask? Ethanol, made from corn or grain, is…

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Pertronix Ignition—a Modern Solution

A Pertronix Ignition Is A Quick, Inexpensive, Efficient Upgrade On the surface, it almost seems too good to be true: a proven ignition upgrade that’s inexpensive, totally concealable and easy to install. And once installed, no regular maintenance is required. Meet the Pertronix Ignitor. A little black box replaces the traditional ignition points with a…


Bill Warner: Classic Car Icon

Classic car icon Bill Warner has had an incredible ride as professional automotive photographer and writer, racer, Cannonball Run competitor, car collector and restorer, founder of the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and winner of numerous prestigious industry awards. What is he most proud of professionally? “The ability to distill all my experiences into an event…


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