By David Scott

We have been personalizing our sports cars since the first ones rolled out of the factory, each owner adding their own little touches. Some of these add-ons made the cars quicker, while others added some practicality. Either way, they all made the cars as unique as the owners driving them.

A slew of accessories can still be purchased for your favorite classic. Sometimes, however, the hard part is just figuring out where to start.


Side-view mirrors didn’t become a federal requirement until the 1968 model year, so up until then owners and dealers got to make their own choices. The popular options are still available, including the stem-mounted Lucas style, as well as the popular bullet-shaped model. Often less than $50 each.

Wind Wings

Interior too windy for you and your companion? A period-correct solution still exists. No drilling required, either. About $70 to $105 depending on application.

Steering Wheel

They might not have always come from the factory, but a wood-rimmed steering wheel just seems so right in a British classic. Moss carries steering wheels from both Moto-Lita and Tourist Trophy. Starting under $300 plus the hub.

Key Fobs

The cheapest, most basic ring will do a fine job of keeping your keys together, but doesn’t your classic deserve something with a little more class? Cloisonné and leather key fobs still look the part. Usually less than $10 each.

Tr6_front3-4Shift Knob

Cloisonné-topped shift knobs in either walnut or vinyl still look and feel great. Plus installing one couldn’t be easier: screw off the old one and then spin on the new one. About $25 each.

Badges and Bar

It’s amazing how some chrome and cloisonné can instantly tell one enthusiast so much about another—favorite race track, car club affiliation and even heritage. About $20 to $60 per badge, about $100 for the badge bar.


Today’s auxiliary lights can put the sun’s power on your front bumper, but they’re not going to look right on a chromed-bumper classic. You want something with just the right amount of chrome. Starting at less than $100 per pair.

Tonneau CoverTr6_rear3-4

Keep out the leaves, twigs and prying eyes with a tonneau cover. Fabric choices include British Everflex vinyl—a perfect match for the original pieces—as well as Sun-Fast canvas. About $300 to $700.

Luggage Rack

For decades chrome-plated tubular steel trunk racks have helped make weekend getaways possible. Choices include replicas of both the factory optional racks and the Amco offerings. About $250 to $400.


Give your favorite classic a bit of a snarl with a sport exhaust. Options include heavy-gauge steel and polished stainless. Starting around $300.

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