Ken Smith: A Hero of the LBC Hobby

Get to Know Ken and Barby Smith

Known as Mr. MGB, Ken Smith is one of the most recognized people in the LBC world. Along with his wife, Barby, Ken has shared his passion for the MG Marque throughout the world for most of his 84 years on earth. Ken worked at Moss Motors for 25 years and, with Barby at his side, traveled across the country for many years supporting British car events and representing Moss.

We’ve recently put together a video interview of Ken Smith that we hope you will enjoy. The Smith’s live across the street from the Moss headquarters in Goleta, CA, and they will always be an important part of the Moss Motors family.

When Barby and I think back on our past exploits while working for Moss Motors, a host of wonderful memories come roaring to mind. Even the tough times are now happy memories we enjoy sharing with friends.

Remember breaking down with the Mossmobile in Texas at four in the morning with two flat tires? The guy who came to our aid said we must pay by cash—no credit cards or checks accepted! Where do you get cash at that time of night? Fortunately, I’d traveled a lot for work and knew to keep cash around for just such an emergency. Or how about the time we came out of a convenience store only to finding the MGB we had parked outside—gone!!! We never heard it go, and no one saw it leave the parking lot, but it did, and I still had the keys in my hand!

We have many good time memories of working for Moss—and my previous experience driving a double-decker bus to events in England stood me in good stead for our travels across America. We hope you enjoy this little slice of our life on the road, which is now a memory to be treasured in our old age!

Best regards,
~Ken Smith

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  1. October 29, 2014 @ 3:43 pm Howard G

    Hi Ken HI Barb, you both are looking great. We will be at 60 Years in July, still maintaing 6 english cars with another coming next few days.


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