Mini Driving Light Kit Install

With Moss Fog Lamp Bar #115-503 and the Hella 500 Driving Light Kit, your classic Mini can take on the distinctive look of the works Minis famed for their rallying success.

2662_001I took the parts home and set up the lights on my own car. It was a straight forward installation, easy to do in an evening.

I took off the front bumper overrider bars and the front grille to allow this to install. The Fog Lamp Bar kit has 3 short mounting brace pieces. The shorter one goes at the centre of the bumper to support the main brace as shown in photos. the 2 slightly longer braces mount toward the outer end of the lamp bar and two 5/16 holes are drilled in to the panel below the grille area. All bolts, nuts and washers needed are supplied in the 115-503 kit. The 2 driving lights in the 162-780 kit mount easily and all the wiring, connectors, relay and switch are included in the light kit. Align lights properly before going out at night! Any light combination could work once the bar is installed and as the photo shows this is the original way the “Works” Classic Minis had the lights mounted for rally events.





– Ken Hyndman – Moss Technical Advisor—and classic Mini owner


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